A Whale of A Tale: BPR’s Book Club Reads ‘Moby-Dick’ - Hear me discuss the lure of the open ocean, whale blubber, and cruel, cruel fate on WGBH Radio.

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Democracy Tourism Takes Massachusetts Residents Out Of The Blue Bubble - “Trip to Flip” connects Massachusetts residents with campaigns in swing states hungry for volunteers. Read more.

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Baker Cancels National Guard Deployment To Border, Citing 'Inhumane' Treatment Of Children And Families - I broke the story that Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker canceled a planned deployment of National Guard troops to the Southwest border in protest of the Trump Administration's family separation policy. My report was cited by NPR, The Hill, and MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show, among others. Read my follow-up on how other New England governors responded here.


Meet The Man Who Saves Snowy Owls From Logan Airport"Why Logan? 'Nobody knows,' Smith said. 'We’ve caught about 800 snowy owls out there, and I’ve asked every single one of them and they’ve never responded.' Read more

In Quincy, An Animal Hospital Rescues A Growing Number Of Sea Turtles Stranded On Cape Cod - "Today, interns Kathy McCarthy and Sarah DiCarlo had to hoist an 80-pound loggerhead over to the X-ray labs. 'How do you lift something like this?' they’re asked.  'With your legs, not your back.’" - Read more

Citizen Scientists Take The Pulse Of The Arnold Arboretum's Trees - "Today's focus tree is the sugar maple, and Suzanne Mrozak is ready. In her bag is a jumble of maple candies and cookies. In her ears dangles a pair of red maple leaf earrings — obviously." - Read more. 

Mayor's 'Mural Crew' Deploys Young Artists To Beautify Boston - "'I don’t want to say it’s like 'Lord of the Flies,’ but they’ve created their own tribal mural crew identity group, which has a lot of freedom in it to be who you really are, to say what you really want to say.'" - Read more.

This Company Is Like Uber, But For Garbage - "You might think that a van stuffed with gallons and gallons of garbage — literal garbage, as in hundreds of pounds of celery tops, onion skins, orange peels and soggy oats — would stink. Would reek, even. Instead, it only smells faintly sweet, and earthy, and a little bit like coffee beans."Read more. 

Speak Russian? There's A Competition For That - "Because they’re in high school, when their teacher leaves the room a group of boys pluck a clump of helium balloons off a table and begin sucking the air out of them. Because they’re here, when they talk in their new, helium-altered voices, they do it in Russian." - Read more.